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I ordered my grow light and the shipping had no issues with the warranty that comes with the unit you know you are protected I like the hardware to hang the lights using screw type hanging clips are way more durable than the standard clips
The driver has an air gap space between the light and the driver to let air flow blow over the driver to keep this unit cool
Also being 120 W do you get a extra 20 W Made with the top leading Ali de diodes from Samsung plus it has some cool  artwork on the back of the board

— Justin

I cant say it enough. These 240 watt lights are amazing. With two lights. I got such a high yield. From new growers to experienced growers. These lights will help your grow out. From seed to harvest. All around great light.

— Timmy

Great light and a great company. Very hjgh quality construction and design. The diodes of this fixture are spread out more in the middle which reduces the intensity hotspot in the centre which makes a significant difference compared to lights that don’t have this feature. Just finished an entire clone to flower harvest under this light. The flowers stacked really well, not too much stretching when flipping to flower. The dimmer was super useful as well as I was working with limited space in a 2×4 tent.

— Evereet

Good light, plants love it and the buds came out very big, my 2×4 tent covers perfectly. Fire design   

— Evolution Kush

Fantastic light I have used it for my autos and they flower so well. The light is efficient at growing plants from start to stop

— Michael

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