240W LED Grow Light

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The Lightmyleaf 240W grow light is an energy-efficient, full-spectrum LED panel that delivers all the light your plants need to thrive. It covers a 4’x4′ area for the vegetative stage of growth and a 3’x3′ area for flowering. The light intensity can be easily adjusted with a built-in potentiometer (dimmer). Our Lightmyleaf 240W LED is built with high-quality Osram and Samsung LM301b/LM301h diodes to maximize PAR output while providing a long service life. The light is designed with a highly thermal conductive aluminum heatsink, allowing it to run cooler and improve performance at higher temperatures. In addition, it has an IP65 rating which ensures it can be used effectively in relatively humid environments.


lightmyleaf 240W LED Grow light full spectrum with samsung 301b 301h leds
240W LED Grow Light


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240W LED Grow Light

240W LED Grow Light Specifications

Product Item: Lightmyleaf LED Grow Light
Wattage: 240W
Efficiency PPE: 2.5umol/J
PPF Output: 600umol/s
Coverage: 4′ x 4 ‘ vegetative, 3′ x 3’ flowering
Power Input: 100-277Vac, 50-60Hz
Driver: Lightmyleaf
Color: 3000nm, 5000nm White+660nm Red
lP Rating: lP65
Light Distribution: 120°
Dimming option: 20% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100% / OFF
Product Dimensions: 597*300*70mm / 23.5″*11.8″*2.7″
Package Dimensions: 620*310*80mm / 24.4″*12.2“*3.1”
Net Weight: 3.8KG / 8.37 lbs
Gross Weight: 5KG / 11 lbs
Life Span: >30,000 hrs
Warranty: 3 years
Operation Temp & Humidity: -20~45℃, -4℉~113℉, 20~95%RH No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity: -20~85℃, -4℉~185℉, 10~95%RH No condensation
Lightmyleaf quantum-board grow light of 240W
lightmyleaf grow light


✔Reliable&Long Product Life

Our effective, proprietary driver is designed to last. Paired with high-quality Samsung/Osram LEDs, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, you can be assured that our 240W panel is constructed with longevity in mind.

✔Thoughtful Design

The diodes on our panel are laid out in a way unlike other grow lights. Most lights have an even spacing that leads to hot spots in the center of the light and minimal light on the outer edge and corners. Our diodes are uniquely placed in a way that increases spread and optimizes more even coverage. We also took into consideration the visual appeal of our panel. After all, your grow space is beautiful, shouldn’t your light be too?

✔Affordability Without Sacrificing Quality

Our products use leading-class parts while still being budget-friendly. Our energy-efficient panels also ensure you save money on electric costs while minimizing energy usage and maximizing output.

✔Simple Setup

Everything you need is included with our grow light so you can easily add our panel to your grow space in minutes. The included hardware is made from high-quality steel wire and fastens directly to the fixture so it is attached securely.

Easy to Use

With the ability to adjust lighting intensity with the built-in dimmer, it makes it easy to be in control of your lighting preferences. It can also connect to other panels via RJ11 daisy chain, which means you can dim multiple units at once.

Package Includes 

 1 x user manual

1 x hanging kit

1 x 240W LED grow light panel

1 x set of adjustable rope hangers

1 x power cord

Important note: This grow light is available with different plug options. You can choose from ZA, UK, JP, AU, EU, and US types of plugs when ordering your 240W grow light.

240W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

High PPFD Value and High Efficiency, Powered by

high-quality Samsung 301B 301H LEDs

enable you to increase the output by 30% compared to the old lights

Reducing Your Electricity Bill

A dimmer offers flexibility to reduce the amount of energy for different plants and growth stages.

IP65 Water Resistant Perfect for Wet Locations

20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Dimming

Daisy Chain Switch Function


Lifting the drivers further away from the heat sink

Most Easy and Flexible Hanging System Ever


4 reviews for 240W LED Grow Light

    Evolution Kush
    October 26, 2022
    Good light, plants love it and the buds came out very big, my 2x4 tent covers perfectly. Fire design 🔥 🔥 🔥
    October 24, 2022
    I cant say it enough. These 240 watt lights are amazing. With two lights. I got such a high yield. From new growers to experienced growers. These lights will help your grow out. From seed to harvest. All around great light.
    October 24, 2022
    Great light and a great company. Very hjgh quality construction and design. The diodes of this fixture are spread out more in the middle which reduces the intensity hotspot in the centre which makes a significant difference compared to lights that don't have this feature. Just finished an entire clone to flower harvest under this light. The flowers stacked really well, not too much stretching when flipping to flower. The dimmer was super useful as well as I was working with limited space in a 2x4 tent.
    Michael Rodriguez
    October 22, 2022
    Fantastic light I have used it for my autos and they flower so well. The light is efficient at growing plants from start to stop

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