680W LED Grow Light Bar

Are you tired of using grow lights that consume too much energy? Or you are in search of some highly productive LED grow lights brand? If the answer is YES!, then this product description is for you. This description introduces 680W LED grow lights manufactured by Lightmyleaf.

We are the manufacturers of high-quality and foldable LED grow lights in China. Our 680W LED grow light bar can help you grow the plants with maximum yield and higher efficiency. Moreover, we have made it with foldable and detachable functionality so that the user feels at ease at its installation. Here are some features describing the 680W LED grow lights bar.


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680W LED Grow Light Bar

680W LED Grow Light Bar Specifications

Product Item: Lightmyleaf Grow Light Bar
Wattage: 680W
Efficiency PPE: 2.8umol/J
PPF Output: 1904umol/s
Coverage: 5 x 5 ft
Power Input: AC100-277V/AC249-528V
Driver: Lightmyleaf
Color: White+Red
lP Rating: lP65
Light Distribution: 120°
Dimming option: 20% / 40% / 60% / 80% / 100% / OFF
Product L*W*H(mm) 1177*1127*59.5(46.34*46.34*2.35inch)
Carton L*W*H(mm) 1198*249*183(47.17*9.81*7.21inch)
Net Weight: 11KG
Gross Weight: 12KG
Life Span: >50,000 hrs
Warranty: 5 years
Operation Temp & Humidity: -20~45℃, 20~95%RH No condensation
Storage Temp & Humidity: -20~85℃, 10~95%RH No condensation
Lightmyleaf led grow light bars of 680W 720W 800W



Fast Dissipation Of Heat

The Lightmyleaf Grow light bar can dissipate heat fastly. It is because of special aviation aluminum that promotes high purity. It ensures even heat distribution over the plants.

Ease And Flexibility In Installation  

The 680W LED grow lights bar is designed in such a way that it is easy to detach and install for customers. The light bars are detachable as well as removable to promote easy installation. There are no screws and it is quite easy to adjust. Moreover, it contains push-pull disassembly, mounting port, and pin sockets.

Mix Spectrum Lighting

Our 680W LED grow light bar contains mix full spectrum that ensures maximum plant growth with a high-quality yield. If you want to boost flowering, then you have to keep it a warm white light. For germination promotion, only white light is enough. On the other hand, if you want more crops and leaves, then make it rich with red light.

Most Suitable For Wet Environment

Our 680W LED grow lights are highly suitable to be used in a wet environment. It is due to the presence of IP65-rated glue on the LEDs that protects them against water. It ensures dust-proof and moisture-proof properties.

Dimming Daisy Chain Structure

The Dimming daisy chain of the 680W grows light bar makes it most suitable for commercial. growing. It possesses Customisable dimming options with support for up to 500 lights. Moreover, it also contains a control for main light dimming.

Excellent Quality Driver Of TUBU Grow Lights

Our grow lights are manufactured through the drivers that ensure excellent power efficiency, performance stability, and less energy consumption when working for long time periods.

Compatile Controlled System

The 680W LED grow lights are highly compatible with the controller. This feature ensures that the controller can control 500 lights at the same time without any problem.

Uniform Photon Distribution

The 680W LED grow light bar possesses 680W PPFD data that ensures uniform photon distribution. This, in turn, increases yield in the edge area of your LED grow light. At this point, you have to maintain the dimming level according to the type of plants such as fruits, seeding, germination, and flowering

Smooth Surface

The surface of 680W LED grow lights is quite smooth as well as clean. The smoothness of our LED grow light bar ensures easy cleaning. Moreover, the surface is a dust-proof part.

Have Samsung LM301H diodes

Our Lightmyleaf Grow lights bar consists of Samsung LM301H diodes that promote high efficiency with maximum yield.

Foldable Full Spectrum Hydroponics Indoor

Garden Horticulture LED Grow Light For Indoor Plant

Very easy to install, plug & play installation

Full Spectrum is Perfect for healthier plants and increasing harvest.

Optimal for all growth stages.

 Using the highest output White LED chips and Efficacy is up to 2.8μmol/J. 


Test in 3×3FT(90×90cm)Grow Tent

Daisy Chain Installation, Plug and Play quick installation

Compatible With Controller

0-10V, RJ10 Plug
One controller can control 500sets Lightmyleaf fixtures

8 bars, light evenly distributed and fully

cover the 4‘ x 4’ or 5‘ x 5’ or 6‘ x 6’area.

Neat and slim design. No messy wires all around.

Flexible Dimming Options, Easy to adjust light intensity from 20% to 100% brightness,

making your planting easier.

IP65 Waterproof Slim Design

The grow light board adopts sealing technology, aluminum heatsink, and high thermal conductivity to improve wear resistance

Giftbox with all the accessories needed


If you have decided to buy our high-quality 680W LED grow light bar, you just need to Contact Us now. We are always there to help you out.

Thinking about the advantages of buying from us? We offer 5 years of after-sales service on a local scale.


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