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When Is The Best Time To Harvest Cannabis?

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Determining when you should harvest cannabis can be a confusing and ambiguous task. In fact, you need to go through some important factors to figure out the best time to harvest cannabis. Since there are different biotic and abiotic factors, the trichomes possess different rates of degradation.
So many people find joy when harvesting plants on their own. It is due to several factors and one factor is that they get fresh herbs. It is also to ensure that they get their plants grown in a safe and healthy environment with organic nature.

How Do I Set Up A Ventilation System For Grow Room?

How To Set Up Ventilation System?

If you have managed to set up a grow room, now you should also set up a ventilation system.
It is important to keep in mind that grow room refers to a situation where your plants are enclosed in four walls. In that case, you cannot have Continuous flow of air without a proper ventilation system setup.
You have to get a tailor-made ventilation system for your grow room. You have to take into account factors such as humidity and heat requirements of your plants.
You also need to note that you shouldn’t depend on ducts, vents, or grills as ventilation systems. These things can be incorporated into your systems but you also need to put fans for continuous air flow.

What Temperature Helps Cannabis To Grow Faster?

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The flowering stage, vegetative stage, or seedling stage of plants may not have the same temperature. They can be equally affected by too hot or too cold air. For indoor grow tents, it is important to maintain relative humidity and temperature. Just like marijuana and other plants, growing cannabis is also temperature sensitive.

No matter whether you are growing marijuana plants or cannabis, you have to equally take care of the amount of light and fresh air.

How To Increase Humidity For Cannabis In Grow Tent?

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You will be surprised to know that increasing humidity in grow tent for cannabis is not some rocket science but is very easy.

You may be using a grow tent of size 10 X 10 or 4 X 2 or any other size. The first thing you need to know is that the bigger the size of grow tent, the fewer it has plants. This situation makes it difficult to increase the humidity in grow tent.

You must know the fact that plants produce vapours as it is a part of their respiratory system. It is interesting that the fewer or smaller the plants, the lesser the vapours will be produced. This phenomenon is mostly misunderstood by most new growers. In this article, you will be able to know how easy it is to raise the humidity in grow tent in a very short time.

How Far Should Your LED Light Be From Your Weed Plant?

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When growing your indoor plants through LED grow lights, you need to maintain the right distance. If you are confused and thinking about what distance we are talking about. This is about the distance that you need to maintain between plants and the grow light hanging above it.
Maintaining the right distance is a tough task that most growers and farmers face. Some growers hang the LED grow lights 30-40 inches above the plants. It affects the growth and results in weak plants. Since the light cannot reach plants effectively, the photosynthesis process doesn’t take place properly.

What’s the ideal temperature from seedling, vegetative, flowering to ripening?

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Are to eager to know about an ideal temperature for your grow room or LED grow lights? Well, you have just reached the right place.
The selection of the right or ideal temperature for your grow room or LED grow light has a huge role. For healthy plant growth and photosynthesis, the temperature should be selected properly. It may always feel a mystery to find the ideal temperature for your grow room.

What Wattage Is Required To Grow Plants Indoors? | An Ultimate Guide

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Whether you are a professional grower or a passionate gardener, the amount of wattage required plays a role to continue your passion. It also plays an important role to make a profitable business.
Before choosing LED grow lights, you must have heard about their 75% energy efficiency. The wattage of your LED grow lights play an important role in energy efficiency. If you are a grower, you will always choose an option that consumes less wattage.

What Factors Affect Wattage Required For Grow Lights?
✔Type Of Plant
✔Phase Of Growth
✔Total Area To Grow Plants

Is It Worth it to Invest In Quantum Board LED Grow Lights?

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According to some recent reports, most people try to buy Quantum board LED grow lights so that their plants blossom perfectly. If you are looking for some extra guidance to buy these quantum board grow lights, read this blog. This piece of the blog is going to tell you whether it is worth it or not to invest in the quantum board LED grow lights.

Advantages Of Quantum Board Grow Lights
✔Even Light Distribution
✔Simple Management Of Heat
✔Highly Efficient Light Output
✔Full Spectrum Grow light output

Disadvantages Of Quantum Boards LED Grow Lights
✔Limited Stock
✔Low Light Intensity
✔Cannot Be Used Outdoors
✔Heat Misconception

An Ultimate Guide To Everything About LED Panel Grow Lights

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Grow lights imitate natural sunlight for indoor plants. The grow lights ensure better photosynthesis initiation in plants to grow flowers, fruits, and vegetables.
LED grow light is not only panel grow light. It includes strip grow light, panel grow light, adjustable-spectrum led grow lights.

Table of contents:

✔Why Choose Grow Lights?
✔What Are Basics Of Grow Lights?
✔The Best Time To Use Grow Lights.
✔When To Stop Using LED Grow Lights
✔Advantages Of LED Grow Lights
✔Applications Of LED Panel Grow Lights
✔What Factors To Consider While Purchasing Grow Lights
✔Tips For Growing Plants Under LED Grow Lights
✔Frequently Asked Questions