Can You Grow Cannabis with LED Lights? 

 May 22, 2024

By  lightmyleaf

Hemp, as an annual herb, in addition to a particularly important property that is well known, it also has many more uses, such as it is a raw material for fiber products, clothing, ropes, sails, oils, paper and medical supplies, and also has many medicinal properties. So now, in addition to growing hemp on a large scale for the textile industry, there are also greenhouses growing to explore the use of hemp in other ways. Greenhouse cultivation of marijuana needs a lot of quantum board full spectrum LED grow lights, please contact us.

Cannabis for light-loving, short-day crop, late-maturing varieties of light response is more sensitive, so in the greenhouse cultivation of marijuana to pay extra attention to the light conditions. Insufficient light more plant growth and the content of various substances have an impact. Cannabis growth must be strong light, so in the greenhouse greenhouse planting, pay attention to the greenhouse light transmittance, light intensity and light time.

Cannabis grow

In the greenhouse can choose plant lights to marijuana supplemental light, but in the choice of quantum board samsung full spectrum LED grow lights should pay attention to the power of the plant lights, high-power plant lights strong can meet the marijuana growth on the light requirements. If the temperature in the greenhouse is high, the moisture is high, and the shed needs to be sprinkled and watered, then you should also pay attention to the waterproof function of the plant lights you choose. The high power of plant lights will lead to an increase in heat generation, so it is better for plant lights to have heat dissipation facilities, which can extend the service life of plant lights.

Choose fill light can consider samsung full spectrum LED grow lights, LED plant lights after a long time of development and research, there are clear data can show that can be on vegetables, fruits, flowers have a very good effect of supplemental light, in the greenhouse greenhouse, laboratory, plant factories can be used. So when choosing fill light for marijuana, you can choose high power LED plant light, which can play a good effect of fill light.

Looking for the perfect way to nurture your indoor garden? Look no further than Light My Leaf's innovative Quantum Board grow lights! Available in both 120W and 240W options, Light My Leaf's Quantum Boards deliver exceptional performance for all your plant growth needs.

Quantum Board Grow Light 120W
Quantum Board Grow Light 240W

Why Choose Lightmyleaf's Quantum Boards?

Mimic natural sunlight with a full spectrum light profile, promoting healthy and balanced plant growth.

Lightmyleaf's Quantum Boards convert more electricity into usable light, saving you money on energy bills.

High Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) ensures your plants receive the optimal light intensity for robust growth and flowering (depending on the stage).

Advanced heat dissipation technology keeps the lights cool, preventing damage to your plants.

Each Lightmyleaf Quantum Board comes with a complete hanging kit and user manual for a hassle-free setup.

Lightmyleaf 120W Quantum Board, Ideal for smaller grow spaces (up to 3ft x 3ft for flowering or 4ft x 2ft for vegetative growth).

Lightmyleaf 240W Quantum Board, Perfect for larger gardens (up to 4ft x 4ft for flowering or 3ft x 3ft for vegetative growth).

What's included with every lightmyleaf quantum board

1 x LED Grow Light (120W or 240W)

1 x Set of Adjustable Rope Hangers

1 x Power Cord

1 x Hanging Kit

1 x User Manual

Lightmyleaf quantum boards are powerful, efficient, and easy to use. Give your plants the light they crave for optimal growth and vibrant yields!

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