What’s the ideal temperature from seedling, vegetative, flowering to ripening? 

 July 4, 2022

By  lightmyleaf


Are to eager to know about an ideal temperature for your grow room or LED grow lights? Well, you have just reached the right place.

The selection of the right or ideal temperature for your grow room or LED grow light has a huge role. For healthy plant growth and photosynthesis, the temperature should be selected properly. It may always feel a mystery to find the ideal temperature for your grow room.

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Growing plants is quite an interesting and healthy task for the environment. Since the day legalization of plants started, people are becoming more and more passionate to grow plants. One of the most important aspects of indoor grow of plants is their ideal temperature.

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If you keep the temperature at an extreme level, whether too hot or too cold, it may die. You may find it dramatic but if you want high productivity then temperature control is essential.

In this blog post, you will learn about the role of temperature & ideal temperature for your plants.

lightmyleaf grow light blog

Importance Of Photosynthesis & Temperature

Photosynthesis is one of the major processes that occur in the plant’s growth. This process mostly works in green plants that utilise sunlight to produce nutrients. The nutrients are produced using water and carbon dioxide.

When analysing the photosynthesis procedure, you will see that this process is highly affected by temperature.

While controlling the temperature of your plants, it is always recommended to keep a balanced temperature.

Having a warmer temperature will make the environment hot. Hence, you will end up damaging your plants. On the other hand, the too cold temperature will also lead to lowering the productivity of your plants.

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All this process to maintain a balanced temperature might seem difficult. Once you successfully created a balanced temperature, your plants will grow effectively. Your plants will be able to thrive while the productivity will be increased. This will lead to a high-quality yield in your grow room.

Ideal Temperature Per Growth Stage For Plants

When balancing the temperature of your grow room, you must consider various factors.

For example, one important factor is the growth stage of your plants. You don’t have to grow your plants at the same temperature in every growth stage. This needs to be changed with changing phase.

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Basically, there are three different growth phases of your plants. These growth phases are:

The Seedlings Stage

The Vegetative Stage

The Flowering Stage.

Different plants possess different growth temperatures at each stage. You may ask an expert grower to guide you according to the type of tour plant.

For your guidance, here are some temperature ranges listed for three important growth stages. Through this guideline, you can get an idea of an ideal temperature for your plants.

Seedlings Stage:

The ideal temperature for the seedling stage lies in a range of 68-78⁰F.

Vegetative Stage:

The Ideal Temperature for the vegetative stage of your plants lies in a range of 70-82⁰F.

Flowering Stage:

At the Flowering stage of your plants, the ideal temperature lies in a range of 65-80⁰F.

You may have seen that the ideal temperature range increases at each growth stage. This is how you need to balance the temperature perfectly.

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Does It Cause Any Effect To Have Temperature Changes?

As mentioned earlier, you need to maintain the temperature in balanced figures. Either it is too hot or it is too cold, both ways can be very damaging to your plants. If you want to know how too hot or too cold temperature can be harmful. Then this part of the blog is going to help you.

Low-Temperature Side Effects

With a very low temperature (cold temperature), the metabolism of your plants slows down. This will lead to affect your plants in the most negative way. Moreover, the root system of the plant will also stop performing as it should. In this condition, your plants will not be getting enough healthy nutrients.

Hence, the healthy growth of plants will be stopped. Note that too cold temperature will also affect the buds of your plants. You will end up reducing the health and growth of your plants.

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High-Temperature Side Effects

On the other hand, a too-hot temperature is also as dangerous as a too-cold temperature. You must have heard the plants like a hot environment. But the fact is too much warmness may kill your plants.

For example, if you keep the temperature too high, the leaves will start turning yellow. This will lead to wilting or dropping of leaves.

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An important thing to know is the fox tailing procedure. This starts occurring when the temperature becomes too high. In this process, instead of flowering, multiple buds start growing in small sizes. This indicates that the buds stop growing bigger, reducing flowering, and hence affecting growth.

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How To Control Temperature Of Grow Room?

After reading all the facts about ideal temperature, now the question arises: “How To Control the temperature?”.

Reduction Of Temperature:

When you use full spectrum LED grow lights in your grow room, it will generate some amount of heat. The heat production in excess amounts can stress your plants. This will affect the yield as well as the quality of your plants. Even high humidity may affect the growth.

To lower the temperature in your grows room, you can attempt the following methods:

✔Use a dehumidifier

✔Use an air conditioner

✔Start growing strains

✔Upgradation of the exhaust system

✔Adjustment of the dimmer knob to a decreased value.

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Increasing The Temperature:

When the temperature for your plants is too cold, it will affect the metabolism process. You will end up affecting the growth of your plants in a negative way. Here are some methods that you can adopt to increase the temperature:

✔Use of Heat Mat at seedlings stage

✔Add additional high-quality insulation

✔Grow plants strains

✔Evaluate plants roots on the cold floor


From the whole blogpost written above, you must have known about the role of temperature. Identifying the importance of temperature for your indoor garden can help you grow them in the right possible way. Moreover, if you take some wrong steps for indoor growing, you will be able to correct them. If you want guidance about the ideal temperature for your indoor plants grow, then Contact Us now.





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