How To Increase Humidity For Cannabis In Grow Tent? 

 July 11, 2022

By  lightmyleaf


You will be surprised to know that increasing humidity in grow tent for cannabis is not some rocket science but is very easy.

You may be using a grow tent of size 10 X 10 or 4 X 2 or any other size. The first thing you need to know is that the bigger the size of grow tent, the fewer it has plants. This situation makes it difficult to increase the humidity in grow tent.

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You must know the fact that plants produce vapours as it is a part of their respiratory system. It is interesting that the fewer or smaller the plants, the lesser the vapours will be produced. This phenomenon is mostly misunderstood by most new growers. In this article, you will be able to know how easy it is to raise the humidity in grow tent in a very short time. Some useful hacks are described below:

Adjustment Of Fan Speed

The first hack is called a foundational hack. It is the first step in making the perfect humidity for your grow tent. You will be surprised to know that adjusting your fan to the right level is a pillar for perfect humidity. Most people set their fan on high mode and point their fan towards plants but that is not how it works.

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When your fan is on high speed it quickly dries the moisture which results in low relative humidity. In the early stages, moisture is very important for cannabis plants to grow healthy.

So what you should do is point your fan to the roof of your grow tent. The speed of your fan should be low so that the air would move around the tent and moisture will be preserved in your plant’s leaves.

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Change In Temperature

As a matter of fact, as temperature drops, it increases the humidity. Most people who purchase a grow tent do not think of adding AC to make the environment cool in grow tent. Very few people had added AC to  their10 X 10 grow tent but none of them added AC in 4 X 4 or 4 X 8 grow tent.

The trick for dropping the temperature is that we put our cooler or AC in grow tent. The air should be facing downward directly to the roof of grow tent. Usually, the house setting of  AC is at 74 & turning it to 70 will cool the grow tent quickly hence it will increase some humidity.

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Another cheap option is ducting. This option cost some extra money. In this option, you have to provide a duct that travels from your AC vent towards your grow tent directly. You have to do this for your 4 X 8 grow tent and it will work very well. You should have more than one vent as only one vent will result in a very hot room. So make sure you have two or more vents.

Wet Towel Hack

The famous wet towel trick for raising the humidity in grow tents is being done for a very long time. As you know higher the moisture in the room, the higher will be the relative humidity. This option is temporarily and mostly used when plants’ size ratio does not balance grow tent space.

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The procedure for this option is using a hanging wet towel. As you know Grow tent has metal frames on the inside of the tent. You should try hanging the wet towel along with metal frames in a way that their droplets don’t fall on the plants

Using this wet towel hack in your 4 X 4 grow tent the temperature drops and if you also used the fan hack as mentioned in the above paragraph with wet towel hack you will have the best humidity level.

Water Tray Or Water Spray Hack

It is obvious through research that humidity is important for plants to grow healthy. Humidity is difficult to maintain in large grow rooms. An effective hack to raise humidity is called a water tray or water spray hack and it is been used by many million-dollar companies.

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In this hack, you have to take a bucket tray or even a bowl & fill it with water and then leave it in your grow tent. You can also use water spray bottles. You just spray the water on the walls and floor of the tent three times a day. One important point is that it should only be pure water without nutrients or any other thing.

If you combine these tricks in your grow room, it will surely get you the required optimal RH level

Using A Humidifier

Using a humidifier is also a great option. If your tent is small you do not need a large humidifier, a small one will do the job easily. After installing a humidifier you should closely examine the Relative humidity level.

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Common mistake people do is leaving their humidifier on full blast. After some time RH level is way up top. So using the lowest setting mode on the humidifier is the best choice.

It is obvious that you have to refill your humidifier on daily basis. It is only difficult to raise the relative humidity in the early stages of cannabis plants.


When people start growing plants indoors, they mostly underestimate the importance of temperature and humidity. Even if they know the importance, they find it difficult to attain the right relative humidity for high-quality plant growth. However, you should also keep in mind that too much humidity can also affect cannabis growth. It can also lead to a lack of nutrients in your plants. Moreover, the cannabis will rot if the situation is the same for a long time.

lightmyleaf grow light blog

This blog has explained different hacks to help you increase the humidity of your plants under your indoor grow lights. You just need to try them out.

All these hacks can easily help you attain the optimal humidity for your grow room.

Moreover, if you want to buy the best grow tent, grow light or want some guidance about the humidity levels, then Contact Us now.





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