What Temperature Helps Cannabis To Grow Faster? 

 July 13, 2022

By  lightmyleaf


Have you noticed that your cannabis isn’t growing quickly? If this is the case then check if it’s getting the ideal temperature. You have to note that the right temperature and humidity helps in the proper photosynthesis of cannabis. The right temperature equally affects the ability of cannabis to grow and photosynthesize.

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The flowering stage, vegetative stage, or seedling stage of plants may not have the same temperature. They can be equally affected by too hot or too cold air. For indoor grow tents, it is important to maintain relative humidity and temperature. Just like marijuana and other plants, growing cannabis is also temperature sensitive.

No matter whether you are growing marijuana plants or cannabis, you have to equally take care of the amount of light and fresh air.

Photosynthesis – A Process That Grows Cannabis Plant

It is a common process that helps in the nourishment and growth of your plants. Photosynthesis utilizes light energy to turn it into effective chemical energy. Keeping in mind its importance, you should realize that plants need proper photosynthesis. However, there are certain conditions that ensure photosynthesis in an ideal way.

One of those important ways is to make an environment with an ideal temperature.

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One important thing to note here is that photosynthesis involves multiple processes. These processes can be:

Light Dependent

It occurs in a membrane known as thylakoid. The membrane belongs to the chloroplasts. The reason why it is called a light-dependent process is that it happens in the presence of sunlight. However, the light-dependent process may not be affected much by temperature.

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Light Independent

The light-independent process of photosynthesis takes place in the stroma. Basically, stroma lies at the outside of thylakoids.

As mentioned earlier, the light-independent process can be affected by temperature change. In the case of a light-independent process, the temperature can make a real difference. It can help you increase or decrease the rate of photosynthesis of cannabis.

With proper photosynthesis, you can get high-quality plant growth. However, it is again said that proper photosynthesis needs an ideal temperature. If you want to know how temperature is important in this case, then continue reading!

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Why Setting An Ideal Temperature Is Important?

If you love plants and are a habitual grower, you know how photosynthesis takes place. Its light-independent process starts in the stroma fluid that’s surrounded by grana. The grana are composed of a stack of thylakoids in chloroplasts.

Now you must be thinking what’s the role of temperature there?

So basically there are certain enzymes that have the ability to work best at a particular temperature. This fact indicates that plants that grow within an ideal temperature environment, can photosynthesize in a speedy way.

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Apart from all the facts described above, it is also important to note that the ideal temperature varies. It varies based on the time of the day. During the daytime, you need to set a temperature of 20⁰-30⁰ for cannabis.

According to expert growers, 25⁰ is the ideal temperature to grow Cannabis during day time. However, during the nighttime, it is better to lower the temperature to a range of 17-20⁰.

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Most people even try to use high-speed exhaust fans to reduce the temperature. However, it only ends up drying out your plants.

Indoor growing of cannabis may seem difficult but can be achieved through expert advice.

What Happens If Cannabis Temperature Is Too Low?

Just like extreme hot temperatures, too low temperatures can also create an alarming situation for your plants. The worst part about too cold temperatures is that they can entirely kill your plants by shocking them.

According to experts, cannabis plants should not be kept in an environment less than 15⁰. This will ensure healthy growth. If you keep it less than 15⁰ then your plants will die easily while struggling to grow.

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Note that the photosynthesis rate of plants is lowered at temperatures below 15⁰. The enzymes that carry photosynthesis are less active at low temperatures. It indicates that plants will be growing at a slower rate.

At lower temperatures, there will be mould developing on the roots and leaves of your cannabis plants.

What Happens If Cannabis Temperature Is Too High?

If you have grown cannabis plants before, you must know how they can die in a hot environment. Cannabis is too sensitive to hot temperatures.

As a matter of fact, if you increase the temperature in a grow room under grow lights to a figure of more than 30⁰, the enzyme reaction will slow down. When the enzymes get slow down, the photosynthesis also slows down.

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Apart from slowing down the growth, high temperatures cause pests as well as other diseases. For example, powdery mildew and spider mites.

When the temperature is too high, it will evaporate the moisture from your plants. As a result, your plants get a high chance of drying out.

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Another important fact is that when you combine high humidity with high temperature, it will expose your plants to multiple issues.

How To Find The Ideal Temperature For Cannabis?

As mentioned earlier, cannabis plants grow in different temperatures depending on what time of day it is. For example, during nighttime, Cannabis requires a slightly colder temperature. It can be as low as 18⁰.

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Now, you have to figure out how to know the ideal temperature for your cannabis plants. It is also mentioned before that the ideal temperature is around 25⁰. However, this can also vary based on what type of Cannabis you are growing.

If you are a new grower, you should try adjusting different settings for your Cannabis. At this point, you will realise that there are large varieties of cannabis

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Nowadays, most people love to grow Cannabis due to its amazing benefits. These benefits may include a lot of health advantages. However, not everyone can be an expert at growing a healthy Cannabis plant.

Apart from different factors, the temperature is one important thing that most people fail to maintain in the grow tents. Failing to attain an ideal temperature can lead to the death of your Cannabis.

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The whole blogpost written above has explained all about getting the ideal temperature for cannabis. Now that you have got an idea of how important it is to maintain the right temperature, you can grow healthy plants.

At the same time, it is also important to keep in mind that the temperature for cannabis may not be the same. Just like different varieties of plants, cannabis also possesses different types. The temperature of each Cannabis type might vary during the daytime and nighttime.

For professional advice, you should look for an expert.

If you really want to grow healthy Cannabis in grow tent, our manufacturers may also help you. Just Contact Us now.





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