How Do I Set Up A Ventilation System For Grow Room? 

 July 21, 2022

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Just like human beings and other living things, plants also need air. It is a very critical matter that most of us ignore the importance of air in grow room for cannabis plants. Plants also need fresh air for their better growth. Since grow room is like a locked cabin, you have to ensure a ventilation system.

Without a ventilation system, you can not make sure that your plants are getting fresh air. Your plants will rather start getting damaged in polluted air. Actually, plants need to get fresh air to dispose of the waste. Moreover, air quality also plays a vital role in the high-quality photosynthesis of your plants.

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The above-mentioned explanation indicates that you need to take care of ventilation systems, especially in a grow room. But How? That can be a very tricky question. Don’t worry. This is what you are going to know in this article.

Neither plants nor any other living organism denies the importance of fresh air and ventilation. This indicates that focusing on ventilation setup is important when you plan to have a grow room. Let’s start from the basics to know about the importance of ventilation and how to set up one for yourself.

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What Do You Mean By Grow Space Ventilation?

Basically, the grow space or grow room of plants is a closed place. In this space, you provide your plants with artificial sunlight, nutrients, and air to grow healthier. But what people forget the most is the grow room ventilation. The active intake and outtake of air are known as ventilation.

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In other words, you can say that a ventilation system in a grow room allows the continuous flow of air. Not only this, but the ventilation system also keeps some fresh air inside the grow room. The purpose of keeping the fresh air inside is to ensure healthier growth.

There are multiple ventilation setups around the world that growers use in their grow rooms. However, the most common ventilation systems make use of pipes, ducts, and exhaust fans. Note that circulation fans are utilized to ensure fresh air inside the grow room.

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It is important to know and understand the effects of ventilation systems on plants before you set a ventilation system.

Affect Of Ventilation System On Plants

The main purpose of using a grow room is to help your plants grow under healthier environmental conditions. It is to ensure that your plants get an environment better than outdoors. Apart from providing water and necessary nutrients, you also need to provide them with fresh and CO2 rich air for better growth.

A ventilation system plays an important role to keep CO2 gas inside the grow room. It doesn’t only keep CO2 inside grow room but also maintains its optimal level. Since there is less concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, you also need to attain fresh air flow.

As you know that plants can grow perfectly under natural conditions, different weather and other elements. When they don’t get these conditions, your plants start getting affected in several ways. It shows that ventilation systems put a very positive effect on plants.

How To Set Up Ventilation System?

If you have managed to set up a grow room, now you should also set up a ventilation system.

It is important to keep in mind that grow room refers to a situation where your plants are enclosed in four walls. In that case, you cannot have Continuous flow of air without a proper ventilation system setup.

You have to get a tailor-made ventilation system for your grow room. You have to take into account factors such as the humidity and heat requirements of your plants.

You also need to note that you shouldn’t depend on ducts, vents, or grills as ventilation systems. These things can be incorporated into your systems but you also need to put fans for continuous airflow.

Different Methods To Ventilate Your Grow Room

The Basic System

For a basic ventilation system, you have to incorporate two different types of fans.

The Extractor Fan

These kind of fans are also referred to as the exhaust fans. The purpose of these fans is to get the humid and hot air outside the grow tent.

The important point to note is that you have to make use of ducts in this case. This will help to get the air away from the grow room. An interesting fact is that ducting fans can easily be found online at cheap prices.

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Oscillation Fans

The oscillation fans act as average pedestal fans for your grow tents. They aim to keep the fresh air inside the grow tent. The best part about them is their easy setup as compared to exhaust fans. Note that you will have to buy multiple fans for large-sized grow tents.

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Active Vs Passive Intake Systems

The basic ventilation setup explained above is known as a passive system. You have to use the fans to get rid of the air from the grow tent.

In that case, you don’t have some specially designed system to intake fresh air. Rather, you have to depend on a duct intake hole for fresh air.

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You have to keep the intake hole larger for proper intake of fresh air.

For better intake of air, you can also go for an active intake ventilation system. In this system, you don’t need to depend on ducts for fresh air. You add an extra fan for fresh air intake. These systems are more effective where you can’t keep large intake holes.

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Why Do You Set Up A Ventilation System For Grow Rooms?

✔To maintain optimal levels of carbon dioxide

✔To manage heat quantity inside the grow tent

✔To manage humidity inside the grow space

✔Pest control

✔Strengthening stems of plants

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To achieve healthy plant growth, you should set up a Ventilation system. For better guidance, you can also ask an expert to help you in setting or choosing the right system. If you want to buy a grow tent or want expert advice on using a Ventilation system,  contact us now.

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