When Is The Best Time To Harvest Cannabis? 

 July 22, 2022

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Determining when you should harvest cannabis can be a confusing and ambiguous task. In fact, you need to go through some important factors to figure out the best time to harvest cannabis. Since there are different biotic and abiotic factors, the trichomes possess different rates of degradation.

So many people find joy when harvesting plants on their own. It is due to several factors and one factor is that they get fresh herbs. It is also to ensure that they get their plants grown in a safe and healthy environment with organic nature. Regardless of the reasons to harvest cannabis, you still have to face difficulty in determining the right time to harvest.

It is also important to keep in mind that asking when to harvest cannabis may involve two factors:

1) The right time of year to harvest cannabis

2) The right growing stage of cannabis to harvest it.

Basically, the time to harvest your cannabis also depends on your region i.e Northern or Southern. Secondly, you need to check growth patterns and trichomes development to harvest cannabis.

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To get in-depth details about harvesting your cannabis plants, you have to read the article till the end. Continue reading!

Important Check Points

One of the most important factors is Senescence. It is actually a function to close off access to water as well as nutrients. Basically, this is to stop the chlorophyll production in leaves that starts them to degrade. Due to such an act, photosynthesis also stops in your plants. You can say that this is due to losing the green pigment.

Lose The Ability Of Transpiration

Moreover, your plants also lose the ability to transpire. This is due to the lack of water from roots and stalks. As a result, Cannabis will start less water intake. At this point, you will also notice that the pistils are being matured and falling off.

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Another factor is to check trichome maturity. It also involves taking notice of deswelling in the final days.

So basically, the purpose of all this analysis is to figure out the time to harvest your cannabis. Checking all these things can help you get the overall condition of your plants. This is how you can achieve an accurate time to harvest your plants.

Apart from these checkpoints, you also need to know about the time taken for cannabis to be harvested. Moreover, you also need to know about factors Indicating harvesting time.

How Much Time Does Cannabis Take To Harvest?

One important thing that can make it hard to figure out the time to harvest cannabis is its growth period. Basically, the growth period doesn’t remain the same. It varies significantly by strain. As a matter of fact, it is also affected by other factors such as yield effect grow time and the grow method preferred.

It is important to note that those plants that grow outside, are considered to be grown under the longest method. Such a growing method depends on the total duration of the natural growing season.

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The best part about growing cannabis is that it gives you flexibility over the time of growth. However, you need to pay more attention and use some high-quality equipment in this case.

As a matter of fact, you need to weigh 6-16 weeks of growing cannabis before it needs to be harvested.

In other cases, it has also been observed that 9-12 weeks are taken before you harvest them.

Factors Indicating You Need To Harvest Cannabis

To harvest cannabis in the best possible time, you can also pay attention to some physical factors. These factors can give you a critical idea of as when to harvest your cannabis plants.

Leaves Turning Yellow

When cannabis reaches harvesting time, you will notice that its leaves will turn a yellow color. It is interesting to know that the flowering stage comes before cannabis is ready for harvesting. At this flowering stage, the cannabis leaves are rich in nitrogen.

You must be wanting to know the purpose of nitrogen. Well, it works to assist cannabis with photosynthesis and gives your plants a better green color.

When the flowering stage completes, the nitrogen level in cannabis starts decreasing. As a result, the leaves will turn out yellow. This process shows that your plant is ready to be harvested.

Pistils Turning Brown or Red

You must have seen tiny hair-like structures in the buds of cannabis. These structures are called pistils. You will be amazed to know that pistils are reproductive parts of female cannabis plants. When you pollinate them, they will seed. When the time to harvest your cannabis reaches, pistils will turn an orange, brown, or red color.

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Trichomes Taking On Color

Trichomes have a dewy appearance on your plants. During the flowering stage of your cannabis plants, the trichomes appear as clear and crystal-like. The transparent color of trichomes shows that your cannabis plants are not ready for harvest. When the trichomes start showing amber or milky color, you will know it to harvest the plants.

However, an important point to note is that you will need to check amber trichomes through a magnifying glass. It is because these can’t be seen with the naked eye.

According to experts, analysis of trichome color is the most reliable way to check if you need to harvest your plants.

Leaves Curling

Another important factor to know is that your leaves will start curling when the harvesting time reaches. Since plants take less water at this stage, the leaves start giving a curled appearance.

Size and Shape Of Buds

If you don’t find anything from the abovementioned factors, now you need to check the buds. You have to check the density and shape of the buds. It is said that when the Cannabis is ready for harvesting, it will possess tight and firm buds.

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After going through all these factors mentioned above, now you must have an idea about the time to harvest time of plants.

If you need any further help regarding the guidance to harvest cannabis, just Contact Us now.

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