Is It Worth it to Invest In Quantum Board LED Grow Lights? 

 June 10, 2022

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The latest piece of boards equipped with high-quality LED chips is referred to as Quantum boards. It is to be noted that the LED chips are spread on the whole board surface. This is how quantum board LED grow lights can be a great source of power for plants. Due to their properties, quantum boards are being popular with time to manufacture grow lights. Having a structure with numerous LEDs, quantum board grow lights become more effective as well as efficient.


According to some recent reports, most people try to buy Quantum board LED grow lights so that their plants blossom perfectly. If you are looking for some extra guidance to buy these quantum board grow lights, read this blog. This piece of the blog is going to tell you whether it is worth it or not to invest in the quantum board LED grow lights.

Lightmyleaf quantum board grow light article

Advantages Of Quantum Board Grow Lights

To know whether investing in Quantum board LED grow lights is a good decision or not, you have to know about its benefits. Some of its major benefits are listed below:

Even Light Distribution

It is one of the most interesting advantages that quantum board grow lights give even light distribution. Unlike different grow lights, it doesn’t cause blind spots. The quantum board LED grow lights give the light that is concentrated on different parts evenly.

Lightmyleaf quantum board grow light article

This feature shows that quantum board LED grow lights are the most energy-efficient options. It doesn’t cause leaf burn by giving too much illumination. The even light illumination makes sure your crops don’t get damaged.

It also ensures that your plants are getting the proper amount of light. It covers the whole area in which your plant is placed. In this way, it gives full coverage illumination without wasting energy. It shows that your investment in quantum board LED grow lights is worth it.

Simple Management Of Heat

There are no complex procedures to deal with when you buy quantum board LED grow lights. The whole process is quite simple without any difficulty. As a matter of fact, most grow lights have problems with heat management. Improper heat management can lead to the burning of your plants. However, when you buy LED quantum board grow lights, you don’t have to be worried about it.

Lightmyleaf quantum board grow light article

The even distribution of quantum board LED grow lights ensures that there is not too much heat. You can also make use of an aluminum heat sink to ensure the cooling of your quantum board LED grow lights.

Highly Efficient Light Output

When you compare the efficiency of these grows lights with other grow lights types, you will see a lot of differences. The quantum grow lights are found to be highly efficient making your investment in them worth it. If your quantum board LED grow lights are drawing 50 watts, it will be giving 180 lumens per watt. This is a very impressive advantage of your quantum board LED grow lights. It ensures that you will have to deal with small electric bills.

Full Spectrum Grow light output

The use of Samsung diodes in the manufacturing of quantum board LED grow lights offer a full spectrum. The full spectrum comes due to the production of white light. The white light contains all lights with visible wavelength. It is interesting to note that these are available in different colors. All the different colors are quite close to the natural sunlight. A natural sunlight spectrum proves to be an excellent choice for your plants.

You may also find red and blue LEDs, however, the white ones are considered to be most effective. This is why most customers are switching their choice to white light.


People usually try to invest in products that can be quite cost-effective. The same is the case with quantum board LED grow lights. The best part is that these lights are cheaper as compared to traditional LED grow lights. The cheap rate of quantum board LED grow lights don’t affect its output. It gives rather an amazing output as compared to traditional grow lights.

Lightmyleaf quantum board grow light article

Disadvantages Of Quantum Boards LED Grow Lights

Just like its benefits, the disadvantages of anything also plays important role in decision making. Quantum board LED grow lights don’t possess some serious benefits to stop the user from buying them. Some common benefits are listed below:

Limited Stock

Quantum board LED grow lights are found to be very beneficial in that they get out of stock very quickly. You may not find them easily anywhere. Customers are always in search of good products. And whenever a good product comes in stock, everyone runs to buy them. To solve this problem, you should try to order in advance from your manufacturer. This will save a lot of your time as well as energy.

Low Light Intensity

Another disadvantage of your Quantum board LED grow lights is their low light intensity. Therefore, you may not be able to use it for larger plants. At the same time, some plants require high-intensity illumination for their growth. Those types of plants cannot be grown through Quantum board LED grow lights. However, it also depends upon factors such as wattage.

Lightmyleaf quantum board grow light article

The higher the wattage, the higher will be the intensity of your quantum board LED grow lights. For this problem, you should check the wattage before investing in the right quantum board LED grow lights.

Cannot Be Used Outdoors

Most of the time, people try to use their grow Lights for outdoor plants. Due to their open build structure, Quantum LED grow lights cannot be used for outdoor purposes. The problem is that they don’t have the ability to survive in wet or humid conditions.

The quantum board LED grow lights are specifically designed for the indoor growth of your plants. Other grow lights have the advantage of being used outdoors due to their waterproof nature. However, you may ask your manufacturer to suggest you some solutions to this problem.

Heat Misconception

A lot of people are misguided by some low-quality manufacturers that quantum board LED grow lights don’t produce heat. However, the case is a true misconception. No matter what LED grow lights you use, you will always see them producing heat. The quantum board LED grow lights also produce heat. In general, you can say that Quantum board LED grow lights produce heat 30% less than the other grow lights.

What Factors To Know Before Buying A Quantum Board LED grow light?

When buying a Quantum board LED grow lights, you need to keep in mind various things. It is not as simple as you are thinking. You have to search for high-quality manufacturers as well as high-quality products. Moreover, when you are importing your Quantum board LED grow lights from China, you need to take care of importing factors.

When buying an LED quantum board grow light, you need to follow the following instructions.

Manufacturer Or A Trader

First of all, you should decide whether you are going to choose a manufacturer or a trader. It affects the warranty, guarantee, and maintenance services of your product. A manufacturer might give services better than a trader.


You should check the specification of your quantum board LED grow lights before buying it.

Product Testing

Ask your manufacturer to test the product before sending it to you so that quality is ensured.

Supplier Guidance

Keep in touch with your supplier when importing it from another country until you receive the product.

Need A Quantum Board LED Grow Light? Contact TUBU Manufacturers.

Knowing the factors to buy a quantum board LED grow lights is not the only thing. You also need to choose a supplier or manufacturer carefully. There are several suppliers of LED grow lights across the globe such as the horticulture lighting group. Most people prefer to buy from Chinese companies. It is because they offer high quality and affordable prices. We recommend you choose a Chinese manufacturer for your LED to grow lights. One of the leading manufacturers in China for Quantum board LED grow lights is TUBU.

Lightmyleaf quantum board grow light article

SHENZHEN TUBU TECH CO., LTD offers high-quality production of LED grow lights on an industrial scale as well as an agricultural scale. Due to in-house production, all the functionalities and quality are strictly controlled. With its certified manufacturing process and experience since 2014, TUBU can give you customized services as well. If you want to know more about TUBU, just Email Us now.

The Bottom Line

In the bottom line, the quantum board LED grow light has delivered the best results to its buyers. Through all the advantages and disadvantages, it is very clear that its benefits are more than its misgivings. Moreover, these grow lights are much better than any other kind of grow lights. If you really want your crops to do some good, don’t forget to buy quantum board LED grow lights.

Quantum board LED grow lights are highly worth it since they cost you very low for their maintenance. The good results of LED quantum board lights can easily be seen through the growth of indoor plants.





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