Is It Beneficial To Invest In Grow Tents? 

 June 23, 2022

By  lightmyleaf


Are you worried about whether it is beneficial or not to invest in grow tents? Or you have no idea about grow tent basics and how to buy them. If this is the case then don’t worry, this blog has everything that you need to know.

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You will get a proper awareness about growing tents and make a better decision to invest or not. Even if you realize that grow tents can be your best plant growing partners. You may not be able to get the right one for you. Therefore, this blog not only highlights the importance of growing tents but also tells about buying the right one for you.

Basically, a grow tent is structured with a fabric box that is lined with heat and light reflective material. Moreover, it is equipped with ventilation and light. This latest device helps you grow your plants effectively during the whole year. Continue reading to know a lot about it.

lightmyleaf 2x2ft grow tent

Are Grow Tents Worth Investing?

Nowadays, global warming has risen to its peak causing high heat in different parts of the world. This is creating a problematic situation for you to grow plants effectively in your home gardens. A lot of intense sun rays and heat can easily damage your plants wasting your time and money. Therefore, grow tents have been introduced.

Even if you have to invest a large amount of money in growing tents, it is still beneficial in different ways. You will have to spend less on providing light, nutrients, and water to your plants in grow tent.

While using a grow tent, your plants get a chance to grow healthy from different angles. You can give health and life to your plants for a specific right duration of the day.

lightmyleaf grow tent

What Can Be Grown Out Of Grow Tents?

If you have bought the right grow tents, they can help you grow any kind of crops. However, you have to be limited in terms of collecting the plants that require the same humidity, temperature, and light. According to experts, many growers prefer to grow only one type of crop through growing tents.

You can grow one type of crop or different crops having similar requirements of humidity, light, and temperature.

4x4ft lightmyleaf grow tent

Five Amazing Advantages Of Grow Tents

When investing in any daily life product, you always look for its benefits. Therefore, this blog has enlisted some amazing benefits of using grow tents.

Grow Tents Provide Photosynthesis Boosting Chance.

The high-quality fabricated walls of grow tents ensure that your plants get perfect light from different angles. This is possible through their reflective walls. Your plants get the perfect amount of light without light leaks. As a result, your plants grow healthy without yellow leaves and failing stems.

When light doesn’t reach the exact parts of plants, it results in weak stems and discoloration of leaves. An Indoor grow tent provides the best solution to this problem. Your plants get a generous amount of light under grow tents.

The interesting thing to know about best grow tents is that they are light tight or light proof. This ensures control over light intensity and light exposure that your plants receive.

lightmyleaf 240w quantum board led grow light in grow tent

Grow Tents Provide A Controlled Environment.

When growing your plants under natural conditions, the environment is not controlled easily. Your plants may get an uncontrolled and unbalanced amount of temperature and humidity. This can easily lead to damage to your plants.

The best grow tent provides control over humidity levels as well as temperature amount due to the reflective mylar wall. Through this kind of controlled environment, you can establish a perfect growing environment for your plants.

lightmyleaf 240w quantum board grow light with samsung 301h 301b leds

It Saves Your Money.

The initial investment in grow tents might be a little higher. However, it can save you money in terms of providing light, humidity, nutrients, and temperature to your plants. This also leads to saving your time.

Grow Tents Have The Ability To Control, Odor.

In natural growing conditions, you put a lot of effort into growing plants but a random odor can waste it. Plants are easily affected by odor coming from their surroundings. This condition can also be controlled using grow tents. You get a perfect odor-free environment. Moreover, it also controls the odor that comes from applying fertilizers and chemicals to your plants.

Grow Tents Control Noise.

Grow tents have an amazing ability to muffle the sound. As a result, your plants grow in a peaceful and relaxing environment to produce yield.

lightmyleaf grow tent 2x4ft

Limitations Of Grow Tents

No matter what brand of grow tents you buy, It is necessary to know about the limitations of grow tents when investing in them. Even the best brand gorilla grow tents also possesses the same limitations. The benefits aren’t enough to make an effective decision.

Is it benifit to invest in grow tents

The grow tents are so popular but still, some growers hesitate to buy them due to their limitations. Some of the limitations of your grow tents are listed below:

High Costs Of Buying A Grow Tents

Most cultivators think that buying a grow tent can be an extra expenditure. Therefore, they just go with simple grow light for their plants. The initial investment might indeed be higher but it saves you from a lot of other expenses of plants. The high cost is the first thing that makes cultivators ask “Is it beneficial to invest in grow tents?”

Is it benifit to invest in grow tents

Limitation Of Space And Firmness

Most growers think that they don’t have enough space to keep a grow tent. They think that a grow tent may not be able to fit in their space properly. Therefore, buying a grow tent seems a burden to them.

Light Efficiency Increases

Lastly, most growers ask experts if the grow tents can really add value to their gardening or not. These growers also ask if the grow tents can make a significant difference in plants’ yield or not. Even the question about smell-proof and light-proof grow tents.

All these limitations but only four reasons are enough to convince these critics to buy the grow tents.

✔No Pests

✔No Odor

✔Controllable Environment

✔Various sizes and designs are available

✔Increased light intensity.

Is it benifit to invest in grow tents

Tips By Experts While Choosing Grow Tents

If you have realized that investing in grow lights can be your best decision. The next phase is to buy it from the right manufacturer.

Since grow tents are becoming popular with time, the market is booming with different varieties. Buying the right grow tent is something that everyone may not do it perfectly.

Therefore, this blog has collected some factors to consider when buying your grow tents. These factors are listed below:

Size Of Your Grow Tents

When thinking about choosing the grow tents, the size is something that always comes first.

The size of your grow tents is decided based on factors like the type of plants, the number of plants and the amount of grow room required.

If you want to grow small plants then a short setup is enough for their healthy growth. In this case, you don’t need to be around your plants all the time.

However, if you want to grow vegetables then you need to around grow tent all the time. In this case, you need to buy a grow tent in which you can enter freely. If you cannot enter it freely then make sure you can access it from all sides.

Length Of Your Plants

The length of plants is another most important factor that most growers ignore when buying grow tents.

You have to consider the maximum length that your plants will attain in grow tent.

Based on the maximum length, you should buy a grow tent with one or two feet more length. At this point, you can also look for grow tents that are easily adjustable in terms of height. This will help you grow your plants with more flexibility.

Location Of Grow Room

When buying a grow tent, it is important to consider where you will put your grow tents. If you are planning to keep your grow tents in some indoor areas then there is no need to worry about their material. In this case, you also don’t need to be worried about the durability of your grow tent.

On the other hand, if you are planning to keep your grow tent somewhere outdoors. Then you should buy a grow tent with durable and toughest material.

You should make sure that the grow tent has tight stitches and structure. It will avoid the pests as well as weather dust out of the grow tent.

Make sure that you measure the location carefully and choose the grow tent that fits perfectly.

Ventilation Of Grow Tents

You need to circulate air in your grow tents if you want to maintain humidity, temperature, and air. This will need an electrical connection or something like that. For indoor setups, it is important to have a window for ventilation purposes.

Features & Accessories Of Grow Tents

If you are equipping your grow tents with extra lights then you should give it strong support. For this purpose, you have to buy the necessary features and accessories. These are also helpful for the hanging of ventilation fans. Some grow tents also possess a particular carbon filter.





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